Wash Day!


Martin managed to get the washer and a dryer in working order last night, and thank the stars he did! I have a literal mountain of laundry to get done.  I don’t even know what to do first; his work clothes, kids’ school clothes, aaaallllll the bedding, towels?  I’m just plowing through one load at a time.

Want to know the fun part about this set up?  I can only use cold water (no biggie), and there is now ONLY cold water to the laundry room and bathrooms.  I can also only use the washer OR the dryer, not both at the same time or I’ll trip a breaker.  It will probably take me several days to get through this, but hey – clean clothes are clean clothes!

Fingers crossed for no leaks and that I don’t run out of propane for the dryer mid-cycle.

I’m going in!


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